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At Chiminey Cricket, our team is professional and courteous in every aspect of their job. This makes them the top choice for all of your chimney and fireplace needs. Whatever the job is they can get it done!


At Chiminey Cricket, our inspections are top in the class when it comes to safety! We do not cut corners when giving our customers a thorough inspection to ensure the quality and safety of your chimney!


We repair the parts of your chimney and fireplace with the best quality parts on the market. Ensuring that your chimney is safe to burn for years to come! Our technicians are trained to high standards as well!



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What do most people do when they find themselves with a dirty or smelly chimney? They hire a local chimney professional to clean the soot, creosote, and other debris out of their chimney and fireplace.

There is only one step you need to take before you’re on your way to a dirt free fireplace and chimney, call us. From there you can count on being able to look at a clean fireplace with pride and light a fire with confidence.

When working with Chiminey Cricket you will receive unmatched customer service from start to finish. If you’re looking for customer service that makes you feel valued, you have come to the right place.

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A Clean Chimney Is A Happy Chimney

A chimney sweep not only makes your fireplace look good, but many people don’t usually consider other benefits of a sweep. A clean chimney will make it easy for a technician to do a thorough checkup on your system. Otherwise, an inspection would be counterproductive because they can’t inspect what they can’t see.

A clean chimney will also make it easy for smoke to escape your chimney when you’re burning a fire, otherwise, it would be blocked by soot and other debris causing it to backdraft into your home. That same soot and other debris could cause a house fire if not adequately addressed with a cleaning. Simply put, clean chimneys are the difference between having a carefree fire-burning experience and a life-threatening fire-burning experience. When you have your chimney swept, you choose safety for you and your home.

Benefits From Annual Chimney Sweeps

Fire Prevention

Fireplaces create soot and creosote while burning wood. Creosote is extremely flammable and easily combustible in large amounts. Let us sweep your chimney to avoid detrimental chimney fires and other damages that can derive from creosote.

Flue Protection

Increase the lifespan of your chimney flue liner and ensure the safety of your home with an annual cleaning by Chiminey Cricket. The flue is the gateway that removes harmful toxins, smoke, and gas from your chimney. Not only can a dirty chimney cause fires from creosote build-up but it can also allow exhaust fumes into your home, leading to serious health concerns.

Heating Efficiency

A clogged and dirty chimney with an excessive amount of soot and creosote will hinder your fireplace from effectively heating your home. Let’s clean your chimney to ensure you have a home that is warm and comfortable, especially during the winter months.

Odor Prevention

During the warmer months, a smelly chimney is the most common sign that your chimney needs to be professionally cleaned. This smell can be the result of creosote, soot, animal obstructions, excessive moisture, or negative air pressure. Prevent chimney odors with an annual chimney sweeping with Chiminey Cricket.

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