About Chiminey Cricket’s Chimney Sweep

Find out what exactly will happen when we come to sweep your chimney


First, the chimney tech will do a visual inspection and try to find the safest spot to set up the ladder. Once the ladder is set up in its safest position, he/she will begin to gather the necessary materials for the sweep, this usually includes a tarp, vacuum, a bucket with hand brushes, and rods with the correct sweep brush attachment.

After the materials have been gathered, the tech will proceed to set up the tarp in front of the fireplace and hook up the vacuum. They will start to brush off and vacuum the grate inside the fireplace, remove the grate and set it on the tarp.

Once the grate has been removed, we will being to sweep the flue system. We’ll gently move the rod with the brush through the system and make sure no dust or debris backs into the home. We will stop as many times as necessary to make sure there is no mess in the home.

Once the flue system is cleaned we will need to sweep out the entire firebox area, using our various hand brushes the tech will clean the top of the firebox, both sides of the damper, behind the glass doors and or screens, and brush off the screens, and then vacuum everything out making sure we did not leave a single bit of creosote build-up or ash within the fireplace.

Now we will gently fold the tarp back away from the fireplace making sure not to flip any creosote back into the house, then will vacuum all around the fireplace and hearth extension making sure to leave the area as clean or cleaner than we found it.

Throughout the entire process, our techs will take photos of everything and show you their findings and recommend any repairs or products that you may need.

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Safe Sweeps by A Chimney Expert

What do most people do when they find themselves with a dirty or smelly chimney? They hire a local chimney professional to clean the soot, creosote, and other debris out of their chimney and fireplace. 

For you, we want Chimney Cricket to be the local chimney and fireplace professional you call on when you need your chimney and fireplace swept. After all, we provide the safest, most precise, and most efficient sweep services in the area. 

There is only one step you need to take before you’re on your way to a dirt-free fireplace and chimney, call us. From there you can count on being able to look at a clean fireplace with pride and light a fire with confidence. 

When working with Chimney Cricket you will receive unmatched customer service from start to finish. If you’re looking for customer service that makes you feel valued, you have come to the right place. 

From start to finish you can expect industry-leading service and an unrivaled response time from Chimney Cricket. We call you on the day of your appointment our technicians will call you at least an half hour in advance to let you know they’re on the way to your home. Our technicians will then arrive at your home on time and prepared to provide you with an unforgettable sweep experience.

Your sweep experience will begin in your home. A vacuum that will run throughout the sweep to prevent a mess while the technician uses premium quality tools to clean your fireplace and flue. While this is happening, there is another technician on your roof examining your flue to make sure it is intact and obstruction free. That’s right, Chimney Cricket ensures the cleanliness of your system from the top of your chimney to the bottom of your fireplace. 

A chimney sweep not only makes your fireplace look good but there are also other benefits of a sweep that many people don’t usually consider. A clean chimney will make it easy for a technician to do a thorough checkup on your system. Otherwise, an inspection would be counterproductive because they can’t inspect what they can’t see. A clean chimney will also make it easy for smoke to escape your chimney when you’re burning a fire, otherwise, it would be blocked by soot and other debris causing it to backdraft into your home. That same soot and other debris could cause a house fire if not properly addressed with a cleaning. Simply put, clean chimneys are the difference between having a carefree fire burning experience and a life-threatening fire burning experience. When you choose to have your chimney swept, you choose safety for yourself and your home. 

We promise to treat you and your home with value, respect, and appreciation. We put measures in place before and after your sweep so your property won’t get ruined with soot.

Have a Lasting Impression

We treat our clients like family, which means we wouldn’t want our family’s chimneys to look and/or smell bad. We will make sure you are 110% satisfied with your service! Everyone will be shocked by how good your chimney looks.