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Chiminey Cricket Chimney Sweep Crestview Florida

Chiminey Cricket Chimney Sweep Crestview Florida​ are the best in the area for all your chimney sweep needs! Local to the area, we know the struggles of the South. Being local to the South, we know the “ins-n-outs” of any damage or critter that the South is accustomed to. So, why trust just anyone with your chimney and fireplace needs?

To help you achieve the proper structure and function of your chimney system, each of our service visits begins with a safety-proven multi-point inspection. During the inspection, Chimney Cricket Chimney Sweep Crestview Florida’s technicians will capture photos for you and then provide you with a written condition report which will detail the condition of your unit.

If you didn’t initially intend on getting your chimney inspected by a qualified chimney inspector you may be wondering why you should consider it. Simply put, a chimney inspection can save your home and your life. Frequently chimney issues go unknown until they cause severe damage or destruction. A small leak that could be repaired in one service visit can turn into a colossal leak if ignored and penetrate the cracks and crevices in your chimney causing it to crumble and deteriorate. Undiscovered minor deterioration can turn into major deterioration which will have results that can be irreversible.

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Put the worry of an unsafe chimney in the past. Allow us to make your chimney useable and safe

The 2023 Hurricane Season

And if you live in the great state of Florida, you know it’s best to be ready before a storm hits. Florida, by a wide margin. Since accurate hurricane records began in 1851, some 125 hurricanes have made landfall in the state of Florida. Texas is second, with 66 hits. And according to NOAA, 40% of all U.S. hurricanes have hit Florida. A hurricane is one name for a tropical cyclone. A tropical cyclone is “a generic term for a low-pressure system...

Fireplace Tools and How to Use Them

Do You Know What Fireplace Tools Consist of? There are usually four basic fireplace tools that will come in a set, along with the stand. They usually consist of a spade, broom, poker, and tongs. There are thousands of makes, models, and styles, so choosing one that has your style shouldn’t be too difficult to find. Additional tools can consist of Bellows, grates, andirons, and sometimes an ash bucket. Tools are important to help keep your...

Coal and Wet Burning Wood to be Banned by 2023

Still Using Coal or Wet Wood? The most polluting fuels are coal and wet wood. (unseasoned wood). This does not mean that your wood-burning fireplace or stove will have to be replaced with a more efficient fuel-burning model, however, it is going to make coal-burning fireplaces and stoves obsolete or will have to be converted. As the sale of coal for home heating will not be available. The premise behind this is to lessen air pollution by...

Why Does My Fireplace Smell?

When we have fireplaces, sometimes a smell will come out of them. This can be rather uncomfortable especially when it seeps into your home. A common question we are often asked is why does my fireplace smell. The answer is, it really shouldn’t. Below are some reasons why your fireplace may smell and how to fix it. Is it normal for the fireplace to smell? The way the fireplace works is the smell should be drawn out of your home through the...

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Put the worry of an unsafe chimney in the past. Allow us to make your chimney useable and safe